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Ode to a New Notebook

Breaking in;
The divine virginity of fresh leaves
As yet unlined.
Tilling fresh furrows in their tender flesh,
Hear me!
Gods of great unknown
I draw you forth in tilting glyphs,
A harness for your powers in blank verse
Distill your essence in these broken paths
To guard against the march
Of swift, forgetful, time.

© Guifré Bantjes-Ràfols, 2015


Forget Me Not

Longing, a warm sharp tug
Plucking at my gut.
Missing times gone before.
I lie here awake,
Dreaming of what used to be.

My friend, my lover,
A most significant other,
O how I wish
You would keep that name,
Keep that light aflame.

A well known stranger,
What you’ve now become.
Changes irreversible;
From bad seeds sown,
An ugly weed is grown.

Forget me not, my dear,
I lie on the brink of sleep,
I think on our debris,
And cannot rest for fear…
Darling, forget me not.

© Guifré Bantjes-Ràfols, 2015

A wish

If only I possessed a craft like that
Which did in Phebus’ face swift undo Troy,
That vessel then might pump me through your wards,
Past reason’s throne, which guards against advance,
And to your tender heart where, as hot breath
Does melt off frost from on a windowpane,
So might my whispered love be carried thence
To thaw the stiffness of thy cool resolve.